Kamil Ogórek

Software Engineer

[email protected] // @kamilogorek


"Passionate about software development, Kamil has a special affinity for client-side technologies. Drawing on his experience as a speaker, workshop leader and countless hours experimenting with various languages (mostly JavaScript), frameworks and tools, Kamil always sets the bar high and aims for the best possible solutions.

As a strong believer in Software Craftsmanship, he is constantly learning, improving his skills, and generously sharing with the community by frequently contributing to open-source projects.

After hours, Kamil is a training and nutrition geek, a weightlifter, a climber, a recreational cyclist, a drummer and a music lover. Kamil also loves to cook and admires great food."


Senior Software Engineer


August 2017 – Present

Lead Code Whisperer

Corgibytes, LLC

August 2016 – August 2017

Senior Client-side Engineer


June 2014 – August 2016

Client-side Engineer


April 2013 – June 2014

Front-end Developer


March 2012 – May 2013

Front-end Developer


March 2012 – May 2013

Front-end Developer


March 2012 – May 2013

Everything-stack Developer


2005’ish – March 2012

Notable projects

  • Riot Games LoL Game Client – League Client Update
  • Riot Games Internal Tools
  • FOX.com
  • Insomniac
  • Boomrat
  • Comic-Con 2013
  • So You Think You Can Dance XI
  • The X-Factor III
  • American Idol XIII

Talks and workshops

Become a Front-end Developer – React.js Workshops

  • @ coders lab warsaw, june 24 - june 25, 2015
  • @ coders lab warsaw, june 17, 2015
  • @ coders lab warsaw, june 03 - june 04, 2017

Become a Front-end Developer – JavaScript Workshops

  • @ coders lab warsaw, may 23 - may 26, 2017
  • @ coders lab warsaw, august 10 - august 14, 2015

Ampersand.js – Minimalistic approach to not so minimalistic problems


  • @ reject.js berlin, september 11, 2014
  • @ meet.js summit poznan, september 27, 2014

Keep your projects tight


  • @ meet.js krakow, november 19, 2013


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"Kamil is a professional that is super sharp in his knowledge always on the latest trends, I learnt a lot from him about JavaScript among other things, we share the same views on software craftsmanship and he is truly one of a kind when it comes to get a project done. He is a very valuable member of any team; he makes the team great, he writes high quality software without cutting any corners, fast!. I would get him in my team anytime I could"

Juan Manuel Combetto, Technical Lead and Senior Web Developer, 20th Century Fox

"Kamil is a very talented front-end developer who always presents can-do attitude. He is very passionate on what he is doing and can share his passion with co-workers. Always stays on the cutting edge, keeping up with the latest market's trends. Kamil is very skilled in JavaScript development, as well as in Responsive Web Design and HTML/CSS."

Wojciech Sznapka, Technical Manager, XSolve

"Do you need to build some Rich Internet Application? Make use of some fancy new JavaScript framework? Or maybe you wish to use Responsive Web Design approach for your site? In all those (and many other) cases, Kamil has already been there, done that and has al the skills that are needed. Given that and the fact that he is also skilled in other fields (like PHP programming, including MVC frameworks, templating systems etc.) as well as being a cheerful, reliable and communicative person, he should be considered highly valuable asset in any development team. I had a pleasure of working with Kamil and I definetly will be looking forward to cooperating with him again."

Mariusz Bak, Senior Software Developer, XSolve

"Kamil has a beautiful, developer mind. He is also special talented in communication. Listening to his lecture is a real pleasure, even, if you don't know the issue very well. Kamil is conflict-free person, but he is always ready to defent his own opinion, using specific, substantive arguments. His point of view helped my team work better for more then fiew times."

Justyna Wydra, Communication Manager, Chilid

"Kamil is a talented, disciplined front-end developer who uses his knowledge of the latest technologies to deliver nearly bug-free code. He has an attention to visual detail which is rare in a developer. On the first project I worked with him on, he took a great deal of creative direction from us and implemented it well. There were a number of technical limitations and challenges with a back-end system that was less than fully developed or even robustly thought through. However, he worked with those challenges to produce results that exceeded our expectations and stuck with the project till everything was functioning perfectly."

Jeremy Stover, Sr. Learning Consultant: Coaching and Leadership

"Kamil writes concise code that is easy to read and high quality. He goes the extra mile to solve problems and give detailed answers to questions. A great guy to work with."

Rick Boehlke, Computer Software Consultant and Contractor