Passionate about software development, Kamil has a special affinity for client-side technologies. Drawing on his experience as a speaker, workshop leader and countless hours experimenting with various (mostly JS) frameworks and tools, Kamil always sets the bar high and aims for the best possible solutions. As a strong believer in Software Craftsmanship, he is constantly learning, improving his skills, and generously sharing with the community by frequently contributing to open-source projects.

After hours, Kamil is a training and nutrition geek, a weightlifter, a climber, a recreational cyclist, a drummer and a music lover. Kamil also loves to cook and admires great food.

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npm Scripts: Tips Everyone Should Know

April 18, 2017

npm is not only the package manager for JavaScript, it's also used to set up tooling around your codebase. Linters, transpilers, testing, and servers. Everything can be configured and run using the very same thing. Basic usage is really simple, too.