Passionate about software development, Kamil has a special affinity for web technologies. Drawing on his experience as a speaker, workshop leader and countless hours experimenting with various languages, frameworks and tools, Kamil always sets the bar high and aims for the best possible solutions. As a strong believer in Software Craftsmanship, he is constantly learning, improving his skills, and generously sharing with the community by frequently contributing to open-source projects.

After hours, Kamil is a training and nutrition geek, a weightlifter, a climber, a recreational cyclist, a drummer and a music lover. Kamil also loves to cook and admires great food."

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Introducing: Sentry's Unified Go SDK

August 15, 2019

According to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey 2019, Go is the third most wanted language to learn, as well as the third-best paid technology in the field. It is not a surprise, as it is one of the languages used for writing critical parts of a lot of large systems. The language design and syntax are simple, but developing in Go is far from easy.